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The importance of understanding the forex accounts should not be overlooked in the forex market. Recently, people have a tendency to pay much attention to forex account India, but the insight is still limited. In this article, it offers you a profound perception about different features of Indian account.

The Reserve Bank of India embarked on the lawful organization for foreign exchange currencies with the emergence of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) in 1999 because of  the Indian financial rule. The main purpose of this is to supervise and adjust transactions in India. Indian stock market is under the control of Exchange Board, while all types of forex brokers are accredited by FEMA.

The truth about the regulations in India

In fact, forex brokers, who are regulated by SEBI, are not allowed to offers various currency pairs, except for USD, EUR, GBP, and JPY. However, it’s possible for forex brokers to offer other currency pairs in case there’s a legal transaction authorized by the government in India. 

In India, the government tries to pose severe rules on forex brokers on account of the emergence of thousands of financial scammers. It is a must for you to trade with rupee or counter currency if you’re trading in India. Therefore, both traders and brokers should be well aware of how to operate or trade when it comes to Indian market. 

How can we trade with best forex brokers in India?

Opening a forex account India with a foreign based broker might be feasible if you send your money via electronic wallets such as Paypal, Neteller, and others. It would be better for you not to use a wire transfer from banks, credit card and debit card issued by Indian institutions. It is highly recommended that you should have a good knowledge about how to trade your money by using electronic services.

Due to strict policies in India, traders might find it tricky to find normal forex brokers. However, people who are thinking of trading with online forex brokers can actually conduct their transactions with foreign-based online brokers. If you’re looking for the best forex broker, you need to look at these 11 critical factors. 

  • A quality forex broker should be authorized by a prestigious financial regulator. 
  • The broker should be widely acknowledged by a lot of forex traders.
  • Traders can trade with the accounts that they want.
  • Traders should be offered a suitable deposit
  • You will be able to trade with competitive dealing spreads.
  • Traders should have insurance on their transactions.
  • The broker needs to segregate their customers’ accounts in case there’s any problem. 
  • It’s vital for traders to withdraw and deposit easily.
  • Traders should be able to have access to all currency pairs.
  • When it comes to trading strategies and risk, the broker needs to offer their clients suitable leverage ratio.
  • The broker has to offer customers minimum re-quotes and slippage. 

As a matter of fact, the forex market is really complicated, but profitable. Millions of traders are trading in the forex market and the hope of gaining benefits has always been a matter of discussion. In terms of Indian forex market, it requires people to have an insight into forex account India before they want to make transactions. Forex market in India might be a real hassle for new traders because they need to adhere to strict regulations. 


It is understandable that people are not allowed to fund a trading account by using an account from a bank or financial organizations in India. In addition, if you want to make any transaction in India, the currency pairs should include INR. It requires you to make a margin deposit to a foreign broker via electronic wallets if you do not want to trade INR currency pairs. All in all, understanding forex account India would be of crucial importance to all people who are going to trade in India. This is because account options will strongly affect traders’ transactions. If traders want to win in forex market, especially in India, they have to focus on their trading accounts. Next, learn about the top 10 forex brokers in Thailand.

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