where to learn forex trading
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Where to learn forex trading?” is not a hard question because you can learn anything online, including forex trading. Thousands of websites are available for you that provide you with any information of forex trading. But when you face a lot of complicated information, you can get confused and complex. This leads to a direction about learning, what you need to learn at the first stage in this business. 

where to learn forex trading


Definition of forex

You need to cover about what the markets are. Forex market, by definition, is a place where you can buy and sell trade instruments (currency pair, metal, cryptocurrency…). Keep in mind that that traders own nothing. They tend to buy and sell something in higher prices. They get money in terms of the differences in price.

Forex terms

When you’re in trading forex, some common thing in this business you need to master. Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Forex traders: it’s you who are in trading.
  • Forex broker: those who give you a trading platform to work on.
  • Forex accounts: it’s compulsory to open forex accounts if you want to trade. All types of forex brokers have several kinds of accounts with features for different levels of traders.
  • Also, some terms are very important in Forex such as: spread, quote, commission, slippage, margin, leverage gap, swap re-quote…
  • Forex chart: In addition to above-mentioned terms, you need to know to read forex charts. It’s very basic in Forex trading to understand.


I want to share some of the sites to learn forex if you are serious and interested. At first, I will tell you what can make websites a good address for learning.

Popular knowledge

A quality place needs to be suitable for several levels of forex traders. They can be a Beginner, a normal trader, an experienced one, and even an expert that visit to discover something useful. They need to lay out everything I talked above.

Forex brokers reviews

Each website needs to talk of forex broker, because it’s the most popular topics that traders pay more attention to. But they can be paid money by some brokers to have nice comments on them, so how do you know what site is truly good? Some advice can be useful for you:

  • Discover how many brokers that sites are reviewed. If they review more than 20 brokers, we can put our trust in them. When you do it for money, you will not want them to mention to the competitors too many.
  • They must talk about the forex pros and cons of any brokers. No brokers are perfect especially in trading forex. They will have own strengths and own weaknesses. The site has to mention to both faces if they are fair. 
where to learn forex trading

Professional deep analysis

It’s really highly appreciated if forex websites can give you this. Commonly, the experts or professionals can know this analysis. In case your sites are available, it’s a very good signal of credit.Based on the detailed information in this article, you can answer the question “Where to learn forex trading? for your trust in forex.

Based on the detailed information in this article, you can answer the question “Where to learn forex trading? for your trust in forex.

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